Saturday, January 7, 2012

awesome full LIVE from HANGMAN'S CHAIR in Russia w/ 4 new songs from "HOPE/DOPE/ROPE"

HANGMAN'S CHAIR - Dusche Club, Saint-Petersburg, Russia [30/12/2011] 

 This awesome performance from this top notch Southern/Stoner Metal band (from Paris) includes 4 songs of their new 3rd album "HOPE///DOPE///ROPE" due to be released by the end of the month on BONES BRIGADES Rds.

 "Can’t afford the drugs you need? Must have medications? 
Need to know how to put an end to this?
Enter the new Hangman’s Chair LP. Third album, three words: HOPE///DOPE///ROPE.
All drugs to cure yourself, 7 ways to kill yourself, satisfaction guaranteed.
... Take a last trip into Paris “Ville Lumière” in its grimiest alleys through HEAVY SLOW DOWN-TUNED music and finally meet a generation of visionary-maniac-dope fiend-depressive-paranoid-freaks."

Other great news are that all songs from the split with EIBON and the two first albums "(a lament)... for the addicts" and "Leaving Paris" are now available on streaming on their FB page !!!  

FB page 
(a new song from the 3rd album here :"ain't living long like this")

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