Monday, January 30, 2012

the NZ beast is unleashed : STONE ANGELS "within the witch"

This is the 1st time a band from New-Zealand is featured here but holy shit that was worth waiting !!! It's been quite some months since a band blew me away with such heaviness and brutality perfectly blended... Their name could hardly let suppose such a deluge of hammering rythms, agonizing vocals and blackened perversity, I'm totally chuffed !
There's not so many bands that can eventually gather a great part of doomsters, death metal maniacs and  Sludge fans...Autopsy, Eye Hate God, Winter, Disembowelment and a little few more, but I think that -from now on- the name of STONE ANGELS could be added to that prestigious list, cause this debut "within the witch" is really not your ordinary debut album from just another Doom band down at this end of the world !
I understand clearly that this 7 songs affair has been doing like a buzzy earthquake since it came out in their homecountry, this is so fucking MASSIVE and HEAVY,  I'm sure that even their australian neighbours of THE NIHILISTIC FRONT have their ears whistling!!!
While having a real identity, I think there's two rather distinct type of influences (and then moods...)  in their sound :  AUTOPSY for the crushing heaviness and butchering mid-tempos ("coffin cross", "within the witch") + WINTER when it comes to some cold blackened slower parts... on the other side SLEEP and GOATSNAKE for the fuzzy and groovy guitars ("bleeding black", "withdrawing the Jinn"); seems a bit incredible, yes I agree, even in the fastest tempos this is never completely death metal, neither in the grooviest is this completely stoner, but all along this is completely DOOMED !
What makes this pretty homogeneous is that the music is always envelopped by a dark and sick approach, which gives in fact  a Sludge touch, where vocals are generally brillantly harsh and possessed...  A kind of malignant synthesis of down-tuned brutality with grooviness and  (almost in evisceration) guts, all puted together.
This works out very very well and sound like a promising band to follow and suppor; moreover this album can be downloaded for free HERE, while hard copies of the album on CD can be purchased worldwide through paypal by emailing (this is the corresponding paypal account address as well.)
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