Tuesday, January 31, 2012

killer side-project with BLOOD FARMERS and SOLACE guitarists : THE DISEASE CONCEPT

This is just a short post to awake your doomed soul about the existence of a new band  named THE DISEASE CONCEPT, a kind of side-project of presitigious guys, consisting in no more than :

David Szulkin from BLOOD FARMERS (guitars)
Tommy Southard from SOLACE (guitars)
Jesse Kling from SOLLUBI (vocals)
Corey Bing  from FISTULA (drums)
Chris Griffith from SOLLUBI (bass)

Doesn"t the fact of having the guitarists of BLOOD FARMERS and SOLACE in the same band sound awesome ? surely YES  !!!

Here's the first song just puted on line (this is a rough-mix),  from the forthcoming ep "Liquor Bottle and Broken Steel" which is actually being mixed and mastered and will be limited release of 200 cassette tapes and then on vynil on PATAC rds... Of course I could not go in details with just one song, all I can say is that THE DISEASE CONCEPT sound is extremely raw, heavy, thick and groovy, listen "Black Cocaine" and enjoy yet this first song before some more pretty soon !

The Disease Concept - Black Cocaine by kkdowner


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