Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"beam machine" : DOOMSOWER's new single

After the "earth" demo last Autumn, here's the new recording from Portland's trio DOOMSOWER, a band that delivers some rather Traditionnal  Doom wih a very fuzzy and crushing approach.
"Beam machine" contains two new songs and  is pretty much in the same vein, though the little psychedelic touch is not as present, "replaced" by a slight 80's  Metal edge that is certainly accentuated by the type of sound...
This is indeed a very garage recording, kinda sounding like a rehearsal tape, which has the advantage to reinforce the authenticity and crushingness of their style but the inconvenient to limit the thickness of the fuzz... Songs are great and very personnal, but for those who don't know them yet, I would recommend to listen the "earth" demo first, to identify  and enjoy the particular style of the band and then get into this new stuff more easily...

Now here's a few lines from Justin (guit/voc) about the band's actuality :  

"What we have here is the 'Beam Machine' single. Two songs to keep your attention until we release more new tracks shortly. It features our new addition Leviticus Neptune on bass (he has one hell of a voice as well).
Please contact us via our Facebook or bandcamp page (where you can also donwload it for a buck) if you'd like a hard copy of the single.
2012 is shaping up to be a great year for us. New recordings to be unleashed, new songs in the works, and some awesome shows in the Portland, Ore. area comin up. Keep an eye out for the "Ceremony of Sludge" that's happening here March 2nd-3rd. Showcasing us and other great up-and-coming heavy bands in the Portland area.

Thanks for checking us out and give us a shout on our facebook page.
The cougar roars, get out of this joint!"

-Saint Justin Doom-


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