Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Sahara" the cultish debut album from ORPHANED LAND, finally on vynil 18 years later !!!

Great news from my longtime friends of HOLY Records :

For the first time the debut album of ORPHANED LAND "Sahara" (released in 1994) will be soon available on Vinyl with 2 bonus Tracks « Above You All » and  « Pits of Despair ».
This is the First Vinyl on Holy Records in 18 years !

ORPHANED LAND are the pioneers of the Oriental METAL genre and "Sahara" is undoubtly a TRUE Classic !!! 
* 333 copies limited edition in Black double Vinyl 180 fr
* 333 copies limited edition in Splatter (white Vinyl w/ black splatshes) double Vinyl 180 gr
* 333 copies limited edtion in GOLD doubleVinyl 180 gr

Track Listing

01. The Sahara's Storm
02. Sahara: Blessed Be Thy Hate

03. Ornaments Of Gold
04. Aldiar Al Mukadisa -The Holy Land Of Israel
05. Seasons Unite

06. The Beloved's Cry
07. My Requiem

08. Orphaned Land - The Storm Still Rages Inside
09. Above You All
10.Pits of Despair

This will be exclusively available through the European EMP sites

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