Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Atreid" : New single and video by TONA

There is an old Russian animation about a bad wolf stubbornly chasing an innocent rabbit, and the image of this incorrigible hooligan always comes to my mind when I hear about TONA ! 
They are one of those super duper bands whose music is able to give you the so much needed kick in the butt when you’re down or can make you run 100 kilometers just because you felt that you have enough energy to do it. Below is their new single “Atreid” and if you like your stoner rock shaggy and punk-ish and you are bored hearing each and every band singing in English, these Serbians will click for you...check them !


Or visit their site to listen and find infos on how to buy/download their debut “1000”: http://www.tonaband.blogspot.com/
***by VANIA***

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